Tips to Homesteading


Here are some Homesteading “must haves”

If you are Homesteading you may want to consider these must-haves. When you make the decision to go off the grid and build a family property that allows you to be self sufficient and safe in the event of a crisis or disaster, you need to make sure it meets several requirements in addition to food and water. A good piece of property is first and foremost on the checklist. It should be away from city, but not too far that it becomes an inconvenience to access whenever you need to replenish your supplies. Get a Free PREPARE Subscription here [...]
home electricity

Some Homesteading Electricity Options

If you are looking for ways to be more self-reliant, you likely have looked at homesteading electricity options as part of your planning.  Living off-grid is a goal for many people who are in preparedness or are simply wanting to live a more simplified lifestyle. When families make the decision to become preppers on a homestead, the one major lifestyle change they’ll encounter is the loss of electricity. But going off the grid is the most important component of self sufficient living. Just because you’re technically off the grid – it doesn’t mean you have to go without power completely. [...]

Homesteading is a Journey to Self-Reliance

Do you have what it takes to live a life that is sustainable? Are you interested in becoming self-sufficient and relying on your own two hands to grow food and essentially live off the land? If that sounds intriguing, you might be a future homesteader. What Is Homesteading and Why Is It Growing In Popularity? Homesteading is the practice of growing your own food, raising animals for produce, and even providing your own energy. Some homesteaders also make their own clothing and strive to live completely dependent upon their own resources. It’s a lifestyle choice. You don’t’ have to live [...]
food storage

Here are Some Easy Food Storage Tips

Food storage needs to be started now for you to survive in the future. Start canning, buying and generally storing for the future. Let’s look at some food storage tips to keep all of your food safe for you to eat in the future. Not all foods can be stored long-term. But, there are many that can. If you store certain foods properly, they will last you for years. Becoming self-sufficient is your long-term goal here. We are going to a few foods that will be easy to buy and great for storing in the future: Beans – You can [...]
Bloom where you're planted!

Start Planning to be Self-Reliant

Do you have what it takes to live a life that is self-sustainable? Are you interested in ending up being self-dependent as well as counting on your own two hands to expand food and essentially live off the land? If that sounds like something that is interesting to you, well, you just may be a future homesteader. What exactly is Homesteading and Why Is It Growing In Popularity? In the most simple explanation, homesteading is a lifestyle of growing and harvesting your own food, raising livestock animals for consumption or to provide a benefit to the homestead, or even producing [...]
Homestead Gardening

The Importance of Vacuum Sealers

The time for canning and storing is almost upon us.  If you are growing a garden and are planning to "put back" some of your yield, you obviously know the importance of vacuum sealers.  For those who are just starting out with their self-sustaining homestead garden, let's take a moment to discuss the importance of vacuum sealers. A vacuum sealer is probably one of the greatest food saver inventions of all time. Any type of food (except extreme liquid foods) can be sealed. You want to make sure that you don’t waste any of your precious food supply and this [...]