Here are Some Easy Food Storage Tips

Food storage needs to be started now for you to survive in the future. Start canning, buying and generally storing for the future. Let’s look at some food storage tips to keep all of your food safe for you to eat in the future. Not all foods can be stored long-term. But, there are many […] Read more
Homestead Gardening

The Importance of Vacuum Sealers

The time for canning and storing is almost upon us.  If you are growing a garden and are planning to “put back” some of your yield, you obviously know the importance of vacuum sealers.  For those who are just starting out with their self-sustaining homestead garden, let’s take a moment to discuss the importance of […] Read more

Homesteading and Planning for your Area

As you are working on your Homesteading plan, you will need to consider your area.  We have friends who live in other parts of the Country (USA) who are working hard to plan their homestead.  Their dream is to setup their homestead in the beautiful mountain and fertile areas in the East, but they currently […] Read more
grow the garden you always wanted

What are Some Homesteading Basics?

When we are out meeting with folks and sharing on our site, we often get the question “What are Some Homesteading Basics?”  Now, we realize that this is primarily for new families who are considering a homesteading lifestyle, or maybe a review for the more experienced homesteader.   We hope it will be helpful to everyone. […] Read more
chickens on the homestead

Why Own a Homesteading Chicken Coop?

Many people who are considering a homesteading lifestyle are always excited about the possibilities of self-sufficient food growth.  They like the idea of knowing exactly where their food source is coming, so growing a garden becomes one of the first things they consider.  For us, the next step in our food production was chickens.  That Read more

Raising a Homesteading Dairy Cow

Many homesteading self-reliant families make the decision to invest in livestock that will help support their lifestyle.  Having chickens, goats, and other livestock animals on the homestead will provide a food source and also can be a source of income (or bartering) to help with ongoing expenses. Many homesteaders find great value in getting a Read more
Off-grid homesteading

Homesteading Electricity Options

When families make the decision to live a lifestyle of self-reliance on a homestead, the one major lifestyle change they’ll encounter is potentially the loss of electricity.  But, if your desire is to be completely self-sufficient, going off the grid is the most important component. Just because you’re technically off the grid – it Read more

Homesteading Acreage Options

When you talk about how many acres are needed to get off the grid and become self sufficient, the battle begins between those who say you only need 1 acre and those who say you need much, much more. Actually, both camps are correct. It all depends on how you plan to live and how […] Read more

Great Horticulture Tips To Develop The Perfect Garden!

Let’s talk about some great horticulture tips to develop the perfect garden.  While many people are still digging out of snow and cold winter weather, it is close to time to begin planning for your spring gardening. One of the most inviting area on your homestead may very well be your flower garden. A well-planned […] Read more

Advantages of Organic Hydroponic Greenhouses on your homestead

Homesteading has ended up being a passion to lots of people. Specifically as difficulties and challenges emerge, folks are checking out methods to get ready for the potential difficulties ahead. Many families are turning to homesteading for self-reliance. Get a Free Annual Digital Subscription to PREPARE Magazine The challenge can be the Read more

How To Build a Simple Hydroponics System for your Homestead

Here are some easy steps a homesteader can use to build a Simple Hydroponic System.  First of all, let’s answer the question… Why would a homesteader want to Build a Simple Hydroponic System?  The quick answer is that a hydroponic growing system will grow food in a small space, and usually with a greater yield […] Read more

Homesteaders Organic Gardening Tips To Grow Better Food

Many homesteaders love to grow using organic methods.  They appreciate the quality of the food, and are sensitive to what they are putting in the ground. We’ve been shocked to find that there are homesteaders who still have a tendency to stay away from organic gardening due to the fact that they’re afraid that bugs […] Read more

Homestead Worm Compost Bin

We want to share a few thought about the importance of worm farming on your homestead, and how you can start with a very easy worm compost bin. If you working a homestead (or just have a garden), you will want to consider having a worm farm to assist with your composting. We believe it […] Read more

Seasonal Considerations for Your Homestead Composting

If you are a homesteader, it is likely that you have a garden that you manage and develop to provide a food source for you and your family.  You probably utilize natural composting to help preserve your rich dirt for growing your crops.  We certainly believe natural and organic compost is a crucial part of […] Read more

Advantages of Using Natural Insecticides on the Homestead

Lots of insect battling chemicals on the market coincide fundamental components with simply adequate variation to enable a different brand name. It’s similar to purchasing ibuprofen. You can buy numerous various variations and strengths of it, however everything boils down to the exact same basic ingredient. Watered down versions can cause a Read more

Raising Turkeys on your Homestead

If you are looking for a way to create a food source and potentially an income, you may want to consider raising turkeys on your homestead.  Raising for meat can be a very beneficial and rewarding endeavor.  We’ll share some ideas and thoughts for you to consider. Among fowls, we’d have to say that turkeys […] Read more

What You Can Do To Enhance Your Organic Gardening

If you are homesteading, chances are you have been growing a garden.  Most of the homesteaders I know want to build a long-term garden and are keen on using organic growing principles.  Homesteaders typically want to grow healthy crops with nutrient rich soil. Organic gardening can be an extremely satisfying method of growing crops and Read more

Building A Garden Fence for Your Homestead

If you are homesteading, chances are you have a garden you regard to in growing crops for your food. There are a lot of considerations in caring for your garden (composting, planting, usually tending, gathering) to secure the plants and produce the greatest yield. There are lots of gardening resources available that focus primarily on […] Read more

Hydroponics Gardening for the Homestead

There is a growing interest in alternative growing methods to increase crop production.  Part of the reason, is the soil is becoming more depleted of the nutrients needed for plant growth.   Over-fertilization, pesticides, and erosion are some of the causes that may contribute to soil problems, lower crop yields, and poor quality vegetables. Read more

Homesteading Can Use Alternative Growing Methods

Most homesteaders are typically the most frugal people when it comes to their resources and land.  If you ask most people who homestead, they will likely give an answer that shows being frugal is simply part of a homesteading lifestyle.   It’s called, being resourceful and also being a good steward of the land. But, not […] Read more

Why Worm Farming is very important for a homestead

When I was growing up I loved to dig for earthworms in our backyard garden. As a kid, I spent lots of time looking for worms so that I always had a ready-supply of bait for my favorite fishing hole. I became pretty good at finding these worms because I learned where to find the […] Read more

Vital and Basic Elements of a Solar Greenhouse

If you are a homesteader you understand that plant reproducing and over-all harvest yield are essential. In fact, for lots of people gardening is a really effective pastime, and sometimes, a necessity of self-reliance and source of income. It is a good means to work by producing vegetables and high-valued plants. It is also a […] Read more
solar power on the homestead

Using Solar Power on the Homestead

Today, many homesteaders are turning to alternative energy sources to maintain their homestead.  As self-reliance lifestyles become more popular, people will begin to research alternatives to provide electricity to their home and farm. A preferred choice for an energy solution is solar power.   Although, it does have some challenges to get it Read more

Homesteading – Keeping Poultry and Storing Produce

If you are homesteading, or looking to homestead, you are likely interested in living a more simple lifestyle.  Getting back to the basics of simple living requires a commitment to going green.  Homesteading offers you the ideal solution to your need for health and wellness on a budget.  You can transform the land around your […] Read more

The Homesteading Mindset

Developing the mentality of a homesteader doesn’t mean you have to live on 20 acres and butcher livestock, or have an acre garden.  It is something that anyone can do, anywhere, anytime – simply think differently.  With a few tweaks of a thought process, one can develop the homesteading mentality and use it in the most packed Read more

Start Planning to be Self-Reliant

Do you have what it takes to live a life that is self-sustainable? Are you interested in ending up being self-dependent as well as counting on your own two hands to expand food and essentially live off the land? If that sounds like something that is interesting to you, well, you just may be a […] Read more