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Simple Guide to Store Your Produce To Make It Last

Harvesting and storing our crops is one of the main areas we focus on our homestead.  Obviously, it helps with our self-reliance and sustainability.  Preserving our produce is vital for the ongoing life of our homestead.  I’ve put together some simple tips and suggestions on how to store produce to make it last. Yes, you can preserve your produce by freezing it, canning it, cooking it, pickling it, or even dehydrating it. But sometimes, you just want to keep it around to use up for a few days, weeks, or even months. Let’s talk about what you should store where […]
Off-grid homesteading

Homesteading Electricity Options

When families make the decision to live a lifestyle of self-reliance on a homestead, the one major lifestyle change they’ll encounter is potentially the loss of electricity.  But, if your desire is to be completely self-sufficient, going off the grid is the most important component. Just because you’re technically off the grid – it doesn’t mean you have to go without power completely. We all know batteries are too expensive to store – unless you have rechargeable batteries with solar powered chargers. One thing you can do is invest in any gadgets that don’t require electricity at all, like and-crank […]

Homesteading and the value of bartering

As a homesteader, we’re always looking for ways to become more self-reliant and efficient.  We live quite frugally and enjoy the abundance that comes from our small homestead farm and garden. For us, it is important to live a simple lifestyle and maintain good relationships within our community.  We try to barter with our neighbors, especially when we have an over-supply of crops and livestock.   The article below is quite interesting, so we wanted to share.  Let us know what you think… 9 Q&A: aims to bring back barter, homesteading & grassroots … – WCPO Mon, 20 […]

Building A Garden Fence for Your Homestead

If you are homesteading, chances are you have a garden you regard to in growing crops for your food. There are a lot of considerations in caring for your garden (composting, planting, usually tending, gathering) to secure the plants and produce the greatest yield. There are lots of gardening resources available that focus primarily on the care of dirt and plants, and means to increase yields. Our focus in this post is to go over the fencing around your garden to help protect the location from wind and unwanted animals that are intent on devouring your crops. As a homesteader, […]

Building a Greenhouse in Small Areas

If you are homesteading and perhaps do not have extensive acreage for growing crops, you can still consider building a greenhouse in small areas.  A good greenhouse need not be always big and spacious. Although those requirements are ideal for big plant growers and commercial greenhouses, those who only have a small area for a greenhouse can also have their own by building a mini-version of a homestead greenhouse. Gardeners and homesteaders who are really into planting and growing crops but have only a limited garden space have an option to build a mini greenhouse. This mini greenhouse can actually […]
Pole Barn

Pole Barns on Your Homestead: Inexpensive, Enviro-Friendly and Simple

Constructing a pole barn has become a much simpler task today than it used to be.  With tons of offered ready-to-use plans and blueprints, a homestead property owner could construct not just a pole barn of two (or even six horse stalls), but also include practical sheds for tractors, feed storage or shelters. The plans can be utilized to develop other kinds of pole structures, including workshops, storage barns or garages.  Simpleness, cost-cutting and sturdiness are the main considerations why individuals still make use of poles, the earliest construction strategy, to create straightforward buildings. Poles have been used for centuries […]