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Starting an Orchard on your Homestead

We’ve shared often about the benefits and joy of planting fruit trees on your homestead.  Let’s take it a step further and share some thoughts about Starting an Orchard on your Homestead If you have a large amount of land that you have not put to use, you may consider planting an orchard. If you’ve had previous experiences with planting and maintaining trees, that is an added reason why you would be perfect for maintaining an orchard. It might seem like an overwhelming thing to undertake, but it is actually fairly simple. All it takes is some commitment. If you’ve […]
advantages of composting

Major Advantages of Composting

The Dirt Paybacks: Advantages of Composting Composting may literally be viewed as a dirty job. Depending on the type of composting process that you undergo, you may find yourself immersed with dirt and other external elements that other people normally wouldn’t want to get involved with. However, the dirt has its own paybacks, and here are just some of the advantages of composting that you may want to tell your friends if you are to convince them that composting is worth their time as well as yours. It agrees with nature. The very first advantage of composting is that it […]

Tips for Homestead Hydroponics Gardens

In this article, we want to look at some new approaches that homesteaders might want to consider in growing crops.  We want to consider good natural solutions for increasing yields.  Let’s look at some Tips for Homestead Hydroponics Gardens The requirements for plants are the same whether you are growing a garden traditionally or with a hydroponics method.  In hydroponics, the nutrients the plant would get from the soil are replaced by a growing medium that can be purchased at gardening supply stores.   The need for water and light is still just as important though.  Light can come from a […]

Caring for your Fruit Trees

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On your homestead, here are some tips for caring properly for your fruit trees. If you have just recently planted a new fruit tree, I think it is safe to assume you are not yet an expert on the subject. More fruit trees die in their beginning years due to poor care habits than any disease or pestilence. Therefore it is vital that you understand how to care for trees in a way that will ensure their immediate success as well as future good health. During the first stages of the tree’s life, the roots, trunk, and branches have not […]

Homesteaders Organic Gardening Tips To Grow Better Food

Many homesteaders love to grow using organic methods.  They appreciate the quality of the food, and are sensitive to what they are putting in the ground. We’ve been shocked to find that there are homesteaders who still have a tendency to stay away from organic gardening due to the fact that they’re afraid that bugs and disease will afflict their crops.  Likely, they are just not fully informed.  Or, they have listened to too many clever advertisements from fertilizer companies. Get a Free Monthly Digital Subscription to PREPARE Magazine The fact is, you just do not require those added chemical […]

Raise Crops If You Want a More Self Sufficient Lifestyle

Before getting started, you have to consider the area for your garden. The typical garden is a row garden versus a raised bed or a greenhouse garden, and you can incorporate all three to help raise enough crops. On average, you should be able to raise about one half pound of produce per square foot of garden. This average assumes you have at least a 100 to 110 square foot (1/4 acre) area dedicated to raising crops. To sustain yourself throughout the year you will have to preserve the produce for consumption during off seasons and the winter months unless […]