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Tips for Homestead Hydroponics Gardens

In this article, we want to look at some new approaches that homesteaders might want to consider in growing crops.  We want to consider good natural solutions for increasing yields.  Let’s look at some Tips for Homestead Hydroponics Gardens The requirements for plants are the same whether you are growing a garden traditionally or with a hydroponics method.  In hydroponics, the nutrients the plant would get from the soil are replaced by a growing medium that can be purchased at gardening supply stores.   The need for water and light is still just as important though.  Light can come from a […]

How To Build a Simple Hydroponics System for your Homestead

Here are some easy steps a homesteader can use to build a Simple Hydroponic System.  First of all, let’s answer the question… Why would a homesteader want to Build a Simple Hydroponic System?  The quick answer is that a hydroponic growing system will grow food in a small space, and usually with a greater yield than traditional growing systems.  Many homesteaders are concerned about the future of their food supply and production and are looking for ways to supplement their food yield.   A simple hydroponic system can produce a strong yield of crops and does not require a lot of […]

More Thoughts on Hydroponic Farming

Most homesteaders that I know have some type of garden that they work in order to produce food crops. Many homesteading families only have a small space to grow crops, and do a great job in utilizing the space they have. In fact, many farmers use special techniques and composting to increase yields and maximize the land they have. Typical farming makes individuals plant crops over an field or acreage of land, utilize water to help the crops grow, then harvest the crops when the time comes. This standard method has been used for generations and has been effective for […]