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Starting an Orchard on your Homestead

We’ve shared often about the benefits and joy of planting fruit trees on your homestead.  Let’s take it a step further and share some thoughts about Starting an Orchard on your Homestead If you have a large amount of land that you have not put to use, you may consider planting an orchard. If you’ve had previous experiences with planting and maintaining trees, that is an added reason why you would be perfect for maintaining an orchard. It might seem like an overwhelming thing to undertake, but it is actually fairly simple. All it takes is some commitment. If you’ve […]

Unique Gardening Ideas to Increase Yields

If you are homesteading, you are likely developing a garden.  With that, here are some Unique Gardening Ideas to Increase Yields Given the state of the economy these days, gardening for some has evolved from a productive hobby to a necessary endeavor. Not only the economy but also food safety has some people concerned. You simply do not know, despite what you are told, what exactly goes into commercial food production as far as pesticides and fertilizers. Even after the product has been harvested there is the possibly of contamination of the foods. Growing your own fruits and vegetables allows […]

Homesteading and Planning for your Area

As you are working on your Homesteading plan, you will need to consider your area.  We have friends who live in other parts of the Country (USA) who are working hard to plan their homestead.  Their dream is to setup their homestead in the beautiful mountain and fertile areas in the East, but they currently live in the dry flat areas of the West.  Obviously, there is quite a contrast in the environment, culture, and growing seasons, so they will have quite a bit of preparations to make as they adjust. Get a Free Subscription to PREPARE Magazine Homesteading can […]

Homesteaders Organic Gardening Tips To Grow Better Food

Many homesteaders love to grow using organic methods.  They appreciate the quality of the food, and are sensitive to what they are putting in the ground. We’ve been shocked to find that there are homesteaders who still have a tendency to stay away from organic gardening due to the fact that they’re afraid that bugs and disease will afflict their crops.  Likely, they are just not fully informed.  Or, they have listened to too many clever advertisements from fertilizer companies. Get a Free Monthly Digital Subscription to PREPARE Magazine The fact is, you just do not require those added chemical […]

What You Can Do To Enhance Your Organic Gardening

If you are homesteading, chances are you have been growing a garden.  Most of the homesteaders I know want to build a long-term garden and are keen on using organic growing principles.  Homesteaders typically want to grow healthy crops with nutrient rich soil. Organic gardening can be an extremely satisfying method of growing crops and plants. It involves specific growing methods, along with the homesteaders selection of gardening tools and seeds. This substantial world has a lot of different kinds of seeds, garden tools, and growing methods that it can seem a bit complicated regarding where you need to start […]

Staying clear of Composting Dangers

If you are engaged in composting on your homestead, if you aren’t careful you might find yourself encountering specific dangers.  Composting is a task that is an excellent benefit with homesteading, and also leads one closer to the earth and nature. However, with all the known benefits of composting there are certain dangers that you should be aware of and concerned with.  Disasters can occur even on the road paved with excellent purposes. There are imminent hazards that you should be prepared and trained to avoid.   Below are a few simple guidelines that can help the homesteader prepare for the […]