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Unique Gardening Ideas to Increase Yields

If you are homesteading, you are likely developing a garden.  With that, here are some Unique Gardening Ideas to Increase Yields Given the state of the economy these days, gardening for some has evolved from a productive hobby to a necessary endeavor. Not only the economy but also food safety has some people concerned. You simply do not know, despite what you are told, what exactly goes into commercial food production as far as pesticides and fertilizers. Even after the product has been harvested there is the possibly of contamination of the foods. Growing your own fruits and vegetables allows […]

Why Worm Farming is very important for a homestead

When I was growing up I loved to dig for earthworms in our backyard garden. As a kid, I spent lots of time looking for worms so that I always had a ready-supply of bait for my favorite fishing hole. I became pretty good at finding these worms because I learned where to find the best worms and the greatest quantity. When I started my worm quest, I knew that the worms would be hiding in the areas that were the best parts of our yard and garden. The soil was rich from decomposing leaves and plants, and was where […]
worm farming

Great Tips for the Homestead Worm Farming Adverture

Recently, we shared how worm farming could be an excellent new potential resource for the homestead.  We had some great comments to our post, so we decided to share some additional information and great tips for the new worm farm. There are many different types of worms that are both good for you and bad for you.  You have to initially understand the distinction prior to you choose which you purchase for your worm farming adventure.  Worms such as tapeworms, ringworms, and pin worms are obviously not good financial investments for worm farming, so you will want to stay away […]
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Homesteading Profits: How about Worm Farming?

Many people who are homesteading look for additional ways to profit and live off their land.  The typical ways people generate income on their homestead are with vegetables, poultry, and livestock. Here’s an idea to consider for your homestead.  It is very low-maintenance, great for the homestead, and can be very profitable.   The idea is… worm farming. Worm farming has actually been around for quite a long times on different levels.  While the reasons for worm farming are not widely recognized, those who take part are big beneficiaries in the perks that these worms have on the homestead and on […]