Tips to Homesteading

Grocery Tips Expanded

After writing my ‘three-part’ monster below on May 30th, I got to thinking how those tips really need a bit more clarifying for those who don’t know how to know how to use them to the fullest. The next three tips will be stretching out the list a bit to make sure it makes more sense to everyone. I sincerely want to help those who have never before had to learn these tricks and tips (I wasn’t raised to know these!) and help you stretch your grocery dollars. When I say “Shop first at home know-how” what I mean is […]

Grocery Shopping Tips

Remember back when you could shop a few different grocery stores across town to get the better deals at each? Well, my tip for today is….”watch out”…..if you are still stuck in that as a habit, it may not be as frugal as it used to be due to the rise in gas prices. We won’t go through the math of figuring the gallons used to traverse multiple stores for savings, but I would like to give a few tips for shopping even if you stay at just one store. Grocery Shopping Tip #1: SHOP AT HOME FIRST! Before you […]