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Some Easy Suggestions to Get Started with Canning

The winter season is upon us so much of the harvest preservation has likely concluded.  But, it’s never too late (or early) to begin planning for the next crop.  Let’s discuss one of the best options for preserving your vegetables, fruits, and even meats. Canning at first glance sounds like one of the most-difficult ways to preserve your harvest food. With freezing, you simply toss food in freezer bags and then store it in your deep freezer.  With dehydrating, you justt place your food in a machine that slowly dries it out.  Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.  With […]
Pole Barn

Pole Barns on Your Homestead: Inexpensive, Enviro-Friendly and Simple

Constructing a pole barn has become a much simpler task today than it used to be.  With tons of offered ready-to-use plans and blueprints, a homestead property owner could construct not just a pole barn of two (or even six horse stalls), but also include practical sheds for tractors, feed storage or shelters. The plans can be utilized to develop other kinds of pole structures, including workshops, storage barns or garages.  Simpleness, cost-cutting and sturdiness are the main considerations why individuals still make use of poles, the earliest construction strategy, to create straightforward buildings. Poles have been used for centuries […]

Going Green on the Homestead with DIY Solar Panels

President Obama promises to raise the cost of electricity. Why? Perhaps to spur people on to looking in to other alternatives. We can look at that as a motivator. That may be the optimistic reason behind the price hike and it may very well just work. Solar is one of the most reliable alternative power sources we have always had available to us.  With the promised rise in electricity costs, it may be time to take this solar power option into our own hands! DO IT YOURSELF SOLAR PANELS You can complete your own solar panel project for less than […]