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Some Easy Suggestions to Get Started with Canning

The winter season is upon us so much of the harvest preservation has likely concluded.  But, it’s never too late (or early) to begin planning for the next crop.  Let’s discuss one of the best options for preserving your vegetables, fruits, and even meats. Canning at first glance sounds like one of the most-difficult ways to preserve your harvest food. With freezing, you simply toss food in freezer bags and then store it in your deep freezer.  With dehydrating, you justt place your food in a machine that slowly dries it out.  Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.  With […]

Homesteading Lifestyle: Preserving Vegetables

It is time to prepare for Preserving Vegetables during the winter months. Are you looking for a healthy option to your daily diet?  Then homesteading and gardening is your answer.  For a small outlay, you can reap handsome dividends in the form of health and wellness at low cost.  Your backyard provides you with ample land to cultivate a garden of vegetables and raise livestock for a constant source of nutritious sustenance. Since we are coming up on the Fall Harvest, in this post we are going to share some thoughts on… Keeping Your Vegetables Fresh Through Winter. You don’t […]